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American Sock

United States, 2014 (English)
7m 9s

A girl finds her soul mate on a social media site, but he turns out to be a sock puppet.

American Sock Poster

Directed by
Jeffrey Lamont Brown

Written by
Jason K. Allen

Produced by
Jeni Atlas

Angela Gulner, Sto Strouss

Screenings & Awards

Barrio Film Festival (2014)
San Diego, CA
World Premiere
Winner: Best Narrative Film
United States

Google+ Film Festival (2014)
New Zealand Premiere
New Zealand

San Diego Film Awards (2014)
San Diego, CA
Winner: Best Screenplay (Jason K. Allen). Nominated: Best Film. Nominated: Best Actress (Angela Gulner)
United States

East Nashville Film Festival (2014)
Nashville, TN
Tennessee Premiere
United States

Salute Your Shorts Festival (2014)
Nashville, TN
United States

Luxury Prestige Comedy Festival (2014)
Nashville, TN
August 8, 2014
Audience Award — Best Film (2nd Place)
United States

Artlightenment Film Festival (2014)
Nashville, TN
Winner: Best Film. Winner: Best Screenplay (Jason K. Allen). Winner: Best Comedy Film.
United States

Carrboro Film Festival (2015)
Carrboro, North Carolina
North Carolina Premiere
Winner: Best Comedy Film
United States

Tributary Film Festival (2016)
Sikeston, Missouri
July 16, 2016
Missouri Premiere
Winner: Best Short Film
United States

River's Edge International Film Festival (2016)
Paducah, KY
November 5, 2016
Kentucky Premiere
United States

Mountain of Laughs Comedy Fest (2017)
Gatlinburg, TN
April 8, 2017
Winner: Best Film. Nominated: Best Screenplay.
United States

Milledgeville Film Festival (2017)
Milledgeville, GA
April 28, 2017
Georgia Premiere
Nominated: Best Comedy
United States

Model City Film Festival (2017)
Kingsport, TN
August 5, 2017
United States

Hub Film Festival (2017)
Marion, Illinois
September 23, 2017
Winner: Best Short Film
United States

Melbourne Film Festival (2017)
Melbourne, Florida
United States

Push Film Festival
Bristol, Virginia
United States

Project type(s): Short
Category/ies entered: Tennessee Films and Filmmakers