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Cindy's Birthday Party

United States, 2018 (English)
6m 26s

Cindy and her Mother are planning the best birthday ever. When Jonas is the first to arrive, he begins to worry when there are no other children, decorations, and that the party is in the basement.

Cindy's Birthday Party Poster

Directed by
August Aguilar

Written by
August Aguilar , Frank Aguilar

Produced by
Frank Aguilar, Dan Busch

Screenings & Awards

"Halfway2Halloween Monster Boolesque Spooktacular Detroit, MI May 11, 2018 United States Burrito Bash Knoxville, TN May 12, 2018 United States Short Film Slam Philadelphia, PA June 2, 2018 United States Liberty Massacre Philadelphia, PA July 19, 2018 United States Midsummer Scream Long Beach, CA July 28, 2018 United States Short Film Slam Baltimore, MD July 28, 2018 United States"

Project type(s): Short
Category/ies entered: Tennessee Films and Filmmakers