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Cultured Bigfoot

United States, 2018 (English)
1h 21m

"Cultured Bigfoot takes a look at a sub-culture within a sub-culture, focusing on the people who search for the elusive Bigfoot with more then just belief in its existence. A well-thought-out film that displays the passion from not only the filmmaker's, but a community of people searching for something that could not only break scientific boundaries, but pop-culture as we know it."

Cultured Bigfoot Poster

Directed by
Bill & Amy Lancaster

Written by
Amy Lancaster

Produced by
Bilco Productions

Cliff Barackman, Lyle Blackburn, James "BoBo" Fay, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Seth Breedlove, Loren Coleman

Project type(s): Documentary, Feature
Category/ies entered: Feature Films, Virginia Films and Filmmakers