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Illegal Aliens

United States, 2016 (English)

A SCI-FI / COMEDY / SATIRE THAT'S IRONICALLY HUMAN. Due to the recent arrival of undocumented immigrants, the city of Simpletown holds a special session city council meeting to determine if the town should officially ban the newcomers.

Illegal Aliens Poster

Directed by
Justin + Kristin Schaack

Written by
Justin Schaack, Kristin Schaack, Logan Martin

Produced by
David Bowler, Justin + Kristin Schaack

Bick Smith, Caitlin Weber, Adam Ruben, Adrienne Thomas, Andra Knox, Sam Heyn

Screenings & Awards

Zamoxis Short Film Showcase
Santa Monica, CA
November 17, 2016
World Premiere
United States

Freedom Shorts XVI
Philadelphia, PA
January 27, 2017
Pennsylvania Premiere
Best Comedy
United States

Frozen Film Festival
St. Paul, MN
February 3, 2017
Minnesota Premiere
Best Screenplay
United States

Cosmic Film Festival
Orlando, FL
February 18, 2017
Florida Premiere
Best Short Film Finalist
United States

LOVE>> Film Screenings
New York, NY
February 19, 2017
New York Premiere
1 of 10 films officially selected out of 1400 submissions
United States

Oregon Short Film Festival
Portland, OR
March 4, 2017
Oregon Premiere
Nominations: Best Comedy & Best Actress — A.Thomas
United States

The Mespies
Minneapolis, MN
March 26, 2017
Finest Comedy
United States

Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival
Minneapolis, MN
April 19, 2017

Roswell Film Festival
Roswell, NM
April 29, 2017
New Mexico Premiere
United States

FantaSci Short Film Festival
Orlando, FL
May 13, 2017
Best Comedy
United States

End of Days Film Festival
Orlando, FL
May 13, 2017
Best Apocalyptic Comedy & Best Cast Ensemble
United States

Hyart Film Festival
Lovell, WY
June 15, 2017
Best Mocumentary
United States

Delco Film Festival
Wallingford, PA
July 7, 2017
United States

Project type(s): Short
Category/ies entered: Short Films