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In the Wake of Ire

United States, 2017 (English)
1h 34m 30s

Benjamin Lovell reunites with his estranged daughter, Rosemary, after being separated for 20 years following a visceral attack at childhood that left her injured and memory unstable. Benjamin does everything he can to secretly uncover what happened to the family he left behind. The two to grow dangerously close as he struggles to find the way to tell her the truth about who he really is. Benjamin must balance his increasingly complicated relationship with Rosemary, all while keeping it a secret from his closest friends and business partners.

In the Wake of Ire Poster

Directed by
Brian Maurer

Written by
Brian Maurer

Produced by
Erin Heatherman, Michael Coleman, David O'Brian, Adam Boster, Cullen Dutmer, Brandon Maurer, Chip Gubera

Gregory Sporleder, Whitney Morgan Cox, Meagan English

Screenings & Awards

"Magnolia Independent Film Festival Starksville, Mississippi March 3, 2018 North American Premiere Winner: Programmers Choice for Best Film United States Tallahassee Film Festival Tallahassee, Florida March 24, 2018 Florida Premiere Official Selection United States Kansas City Film Festival Kansas City, Missouri April 14, 2018 Missouri Premiere Official Selection United States Indy Film Festival Indianapolis, Indiana April 27, 2018 Indiana Premiere Winner: Best American Spectrum Feature Film United States Love International Film Festival Los Angeles, California July 25, 2018 California Premiere Winner: Best Actor in a Lead Role United States Iowa Independent Film Festival Mason City, Iowa Iowa Premiere Official Selection United States Chain NYC Film Festival New York City, New York August 13, 2018 New York Premiere Official Selection United States Montana Independent Film Festival Billings, Montana Montana Premiere Official Selection United States South Texas International Film Festival Edinburg, TExas September 7, 2018 Texas Premiere Official Selection United States"

Project type(s): Feature
Category/ies entered: Feature Films