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Strange Tales from Appalachia

United States, 2017 (English)
1h 35m

Appalachian filmmakers join together to produce three horrifying, suspenseful, and strange tales. In "Pretty Girl", a young woman escapes a maniac kidnapper by fleeing into the Appalachian wilderness. Aided by a group of friendly hikers, she must escape the woods or face her darkest fears. "Man Vs Ghost" is the story of an over-the-top host of a public access ghost-hunting show and his sister, who fear that some "ghosts" may be following her home. Desperate for a season finale he can sell to the Travel Channel, the "Ghost Man" tries to cash in on his sister's paranoia to produce the perfect episode, but may get more than he bargained for. An average Joe is kidnapped and trapped in makeshift deathmatch arena in "The Room". Forced to fight or be killed, he must find the will to survive against all odds. Three, 30-minute short films by filmmakers from Northeast Tennessee in the heart of Appalachia.

Strange Tales from Appalachia Poster

Directed by
Tim Altonen , Josh Holley

Written by
Tim Altonen , Josh Holley, Teague Quillen

Produced by
Quantum Ascension Studios, HI Media, Tim Altonen

Teague Quillen , Josh Holley, El Dude

Project type(s): Feature
Category/ies entered: Tennessee Films and Filmmakers