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The Breaks: Centuries of Struggle

United States, 2016 (English)
1h 3m 42s

Six men — separated by two centuries — lives marked with intrigue, hardship, and tragedy. From moonshiner shootouts and empire building to railroad explosions and drowning victims, this is the story of six individuals whose lives would be forever changed by a common thread — "the Breaks" — the wild west of the east. In a documentary film industry saturated with contemporary topics, this award-winning film beautifully rekindles a genre from yesteryear to chronicle the struggle between those seeking to exploit the Breaks and those trying to protect it. The conflict finally comes to a boil in the early 1950s culminating in the establishment of one of only two interstate parks in the United States. And yet in spite of its park status, the Breaks continues to be under threat today.

The Breaks: Centuries of Struggle Poster

Directed by
Andrew Reed, Curtis Mullins

Project type(s): Documentary
Category/ies entered: Virginia Films and Filmmakers