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We have workshops scheduled throughout the weekend for filmmakers and filmgoers to attend! Our workshops are free and open to the public. See the full festival schedule for workshop locations and times.

2018 Workshops

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2017 Workshops

Fundamentals of Production
In this hands-on workshop, a PUSH! filmmaker will discuss and demonstrate filmmaking 101. Participants will learn camera, tripod, and lighting techniques that can help take your projects to the next level.

Many filmmakers utilize digital cinematography technology in the creation of their movies. In this workshop, participants will learn about new and old film cameras, different film stocks, and film gauges. Super 8mm and 16mm film and cameras will be provided.

Women in Film
Two seasoned female filmmakers show some of their work and lead an open discussion about women working production jobs in the film industry.

Scriptwriting: Building Characters & Worlds
Are you interested in improving your writing skills? This interactive scriptwriting workshop covers all types of creative work, including narratives, documentaries, commercials, music videos, and more.

2016 Workshops

Comedy Improv Podcasting
Ryan Renfro and Cory Dinkel
This workshop will shed light on the ancient entertainment art of “improv comedy.” Gather round as Dr. Cory Dinkel and Father Ryan revive that comedy the Greeks hailed as "glorious" and "exotically locale." Cheers and get ta’ steppin’.

The Challenge of Being a Filmmaker
Jordan Ellis
What does it take to be a successful filmmaker? In this workshop, filmmaker and educator Jordan Ellis will share film production tips for aspiring filmmakers and will discuss how to get your foot in the door in the film industry.

Filming in Bristol, TN/VA
Festival Filmmakers Panel & Discussion
Filmmakers discuss their struggles and successes while making films in Bristol, TN/VA.

Hearing Image, Seeing Sound: Ruminations on Music Video History and DIY Practice
Josh Yates
This workshop will engage music video as a unique and innovative moving-image art form. A brief historical overview will be supplemented with examples of DIY practice stemming from the presenter’s own body of work.

Scriptwriting: From Story to Screen
William S. Davis
In this interactive discussion and workshop led by award-winning writer/director William S. Davis, learn the fundamentals of scriptwriting format, as well as key elements to develop characters, dialogue, and your own scriptwriting voice!

2015 Workshops

Film Studies
Stanton McManus
Stanton McManus is an Assistant Professor and Director of Film Studies at East Tennessee State University. In this workshop, Dr. McManus will discuss how to interpret and critique films.

Now That’s Funny!: Exploring the Comedy Continuum and its Classic Comedic Types to Discover Why We Laugh
Bobby Funk
Bobby Funk is a theater professor at East Tennessee State University. He teaches a variety of performance classes, including Directing for the Stage, Stage Combat, Acting I, Acting for Film, and The Audition Process. In this workshop, Mr. Funk will take his audience through the levels of comedy from its lowest level — obscenity — to its highest level — satire. Along the way, he will share examples of comic scenes and show how ancient comic characters are still alive and well in our plays, television shows and films.

Using Storyboards for Filmmaking
Brian and Marie Bridgeforth
Brian Bridgeforth has designed storyboards for NASCAR, Anheuser-Busch, Sony, Dollywood, and Universal Studios. Brian will lecture on the use of different illustrated storyboard styles, from drawing to digital matte painting, used to conceptualize the movie storytelling process. From moving the story along to setting the look and feel of the movie, storyboards are the filmmaker’s most invaluable tool. Brian and Marie Bridgeforth create as Bridgeforth Design Studio, located at 29 6th Street in Historic Downtown Bristol. They are available for commission work and can be reached at

Sean Harris
Join Sean Harris as he walks us through motion picture camera, lighting and grip equipment. Sean Harris is the owner of Harris Television Productions and HTP Grip. He has 20 years of experience as director of photography on television shows, commercials, and corporate video productions.

Wardrobe Wizardry — Helping Characters and Stories Come Alive
Andrea Wakely
From script to screen, this talk will briefly cover what it is like to design and create costumes for the industry. Andrea Wakely is the costume designer of Twin Roses Designs, a Bristol, VA-based web costume shop in its 15th year of operation. She has designed and produced costumes for independent film projects around the world. She has created pieces for multiple television shows including Community, Rizzoli and Isles, American Horror Story, Sleepy Hollow, and The Walking Dead.

Filmmaking in TN/VA: Struggles and Successes
Festival Filmmakers Panel
Festival filmmakers discuss their struggles and successes while making films in Tennessee and Virginia.