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United States, 2019 (English)
14m 19s

This story highlights Ksenia Naydenova, a native from Stary Oskol, Russia. When Ksenia decided to come to Carson Newman University in Jefferson City, Tennessee, to further her swimming career as a D2 athlete, she was given the daunting task of being able to choose a new lifestyle. Ksenia came to America as an atheist, who then decided to pursue following her faith as a Christian. Because of this, she was completely disowned by her family and told she was no longer welcome in their home. Having independence thrust upon her, she had to adapt to a new country and a new life different from her norm in a small amount of time. Juggling school, competitive swimming, and trying to figure out a way to stay in a place she feels is her home are just a few of the things on her to do list. Despite these challenges, Ksenia is seen in her small community as the girl who spreads love and goodness wherever she goes and doesn’t let the obstacles she faces define her.

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Directed by
Natasha Roderick

Produced by
Leann Daniel, Samantha Robinson

Project type(s): Documentary, Short
Category/ies entered: Tennessee Films and Filmmakers